EQUIPMENTS PERSONAL PROTECTIVE COHEN Personal Protective equipments provide comfort, reliability and safety to all health workers Click Here DRAPES SURGICAL GOWNS & Various gowns and drapes for any kind of professional usage in health sector. Designed and produced with health workers in mind. Click Here APPAREL OTHER MEDICAL Health professionals are not the only ones who need protection. From patients to visitors, we have the products you need. Click Here MEDICAL MASKS In these pandemic days, we wear masks to protect ourselves from any threat to our health. From professionals to individuals, we all deserve the best protection. Click Here

Our products


Medical isolation gowns; These

Medical isolation gowns; These

Isolation gowns; These are equ

Personal protective gowns are

Personal protective gowns are

Medical surgical gowns; These

Medical surgical gowns; These

Patient protect gowns; These a

Breathable fabric for ease of

Breathable fabric provides ful

Produced with 30 gr/m2 Spunbon

Produced 20 gr/m² SS fabric D


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COHENMED continues to provide quality, reliable and honest service since its establishment.

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All our products are internationally certified and ready to be imported. We are proud to announce that our dedication as COHENMED to ensure maximum safety according to European and U.S. Standards are officially being recognized.

The city and factory

Production capacity

We promptly respond customer demands through head office in Belgium and production facility in İstanbul

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Scientific Test Stages

We combine our production power and R&D efforts to supply medical apparel for both professional and personal usage.

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continues to serve  the world health sector by developing its product portfolios in the fields of personal protective products and hygiene and by constantly updating this structure, it can instantly respond to the demand for change in the market.


As COHENMED we are doing everything we can to support the needs of our customers and partners during this pandemic where there is immense demand in the healthcare ecosystem.